It’s surprising where life can take us. Dog on Leash came about thanks to a little ball of fur that landed on our doorstep one autumn day. It always occurred to me that a house without pets is an empty house. I’ve always had dogs and cats, from childhood to having them part of my family. Until one day when life took an unexpected turn, pulled me away from my routine and sent me on a different path. That was the case after a 30 year marriage. At the time I owned 3 big bloodhounds, 120 lbs each, adorable dogs that needed space but I was forced to put them into boarding. That was very difficult. I brought them from time to time to the house, against the wishes of the owner, until we were separated years later.

For 10 years I had cats but no dogs, the pain of separation was still too painful. I didn’t want to go through it again. And then one November 2, 2010 I happened to walk into a pet shop by chance and fell in love with a little black dog with a white flower on his face, a 2 month old shih-poo. It really was love at first sight with my little man as I often call him. His name is Waters.



Shih-Poo Puppies | Waters at 2 Months
We named him after Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. My son and I had just returned from seeing his spectacular show, The Wall, in Detroit. And so this little fella of 9 lbs will go on to change our lives. Easy to raise this little clown learns quickly, is even used as a demonstration in obedience class, me who had always had dogs with no interest in them. He loves to hunt, to walk in the woods, obedient even through adolescence, he always makes us laugh. We take him everywhere, including the dog events I attend to showcase our products. He makes a very good model for our dog collars! He never leaves us, he’s an amazing dog.



Shih-Poo Dogs | Waters
For sure he’s spoiled. I shop for him and in 2012 while visiting the United States I came across a very unique line of dog collars. Soon I had people stopping me asking where I found his collars. These are very different from the ones found at local pet stores and really stand out. They really showcase a dog’s personality. And so it started. I decided to start my business and that is how Dog on Leash materialized. We now sell dog collars made of fine Italian leather, Swarovski crystals, silver ornaments and stones. From Arizona to Sweden, we search for products that are extraordinary and I am very happy that I can now offer them to you. All of our artists create unique handmade collars, leashes and belts using only the finest materials. They show their passion and creativity through their work.

What a wonderful job to be able to meet people from all over, all smiles as they simply seek to show their affection to their best friend. Is there anything more beautiful than to see this unconditional love between man and dog. Thank you life for this gift. Thank you my son for building this web site, an artist really, what a huge job! Thank you Jessica, my daughter, for encouraging me and in believing in me and a big kiss to my Waters, my soulmate! I love you all.

Johanne Levesque
Dog on Leash



Dogs and cats have always been a part of our family. We did have that stretch of time when we had no dogs. And so one day it came as a big surprise as I talked to my mother on the phone I heard a little bark. That was my first contact with Waters. He was a really cute puppy. My first impression of him was that he was a hard head and had to keep him on a leash otherwise he’d just run with no care to danger or cars. He may be my mother’s soulmate but he also grew up with me. I’ve developed a deep attachment to Waters. We talk to him a lot and he listens, he’s a very smart dog. I was there to see my mother realize and develop her business. They say you need to have a passion to succeed. While I didn’t know much about dog collars and leashes I knew she was passionate and had great taste in picking the right models, colors and eventually finding the right artists. I was there to see her build her inventory and gear and wake up in the early hours of the morning to drive long hours to dog events across Ontario. Setting up her booth all by herself, and attending it all day as she was alone. And then to witness how much people loved her products. She goes to great lengths to bring you truly unique items but also to take care of her customers. I’m very proud of her! To see her work so hard and invest in her business. She believes in it, it’s not easy, but her passion is there. I realized she has a vision, and so she inspired me to build this web site and help her as I could.

Dog Pilot
I’m no professional web designer, I fly planes for a living. But I did have years of web design experience from building my personal site on my aviation and motorcycle travels around the world. Often on the road and not familiar with WordPress and the latest tech stuff it has been a long grind to build this site. But I’m happy with the result and we will continue to improve it. I would appreciate any input and comments on how to improve it. I thank all visitors and customers. We will continue to bring you unique products. I’m very proud of my mother and will continue to watch her build her business with awe and a lot of pride. We’re always there to help or to answer questions. Please email us or call at 514-887-2074. We’re always happy to hear back from our customers. Send us pictures at info@dogonleash.ca of your dogs with their new collars and we’ll post them on our website. Happy shopping and enjoy your new collars, leashes and belts.

Ian Mathers
Web Designer, Sales